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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beefsteak Tomatoes?? NOT

Who doesn't like garden tomatoes? I LOVE them but have struggled to get the right plant for the job. I have flower beds, not vegetable gardens. Other than flowers, tomatoes are the only thing I'm interested in growing myself. I don't need many, I'm only one person and I'm not going to stock my freezer with stewed tomatoes. All I need is a veggie omelette, a BLT now and then and some wedges. Nothing fancy. You may have guessed but those are not MY tomatoes. These were stolen from Jimmy's Backyard Garden (thanks Jimmy).

My biggest obstacle for a long time was remembering to buy the plants before it was too late. I've gotten past that one. My first attempt gave excellent quality but low quantity. That's fine, the few tomatoes I got were big and tasty. Last year my 2 plants were placed in a different bed and they did flourish. I had quantity but the sun was practically non existent and they rotted on the vine before they could turn red. Not my fault right?

Here we are, summer 2010. This year I'm going to get it right. Plants in right on schedule, plenty of sun and my own organic compost. They are doing so well with many flowers. I'm going to have way more tomatoes than I can possibly eat!

CHERRY TOMATOES! How the heck did I manage to grow those? The plant spike definitely did not say cherry tomato, it DID say beefsteak. They are tasty and excellent in my salad and omelette. How many do you think I'll need to make my BLT (that I'm sure I'll be forced to eat with a knife and fork)? Oh well, summer 2011 isn't that far away.

Is your thumb green or do you have the dark hand of death? Tell me about your gardening successes and failures whether flowers, vegetables or fruit.

Happy Gardening!

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  • 1 comment:

    1. LOL @ your experience with mis-labeled plants! We had several things with wrong labels last year including at least one packet of tomato seeds that produced several different types of tomatoes. One batch of purchased yellow crookneck squash turned out to be dark green pattypan type. Sometimes it happens in the local retail outlet when people pick out a label to read it and put it into the wrong pot. Sometimes it's the grower's fault. The seed packet most definitely was the grower's fault!

      Enjoy the cherry tomatoes this year, try a different supplier next year, and sooner or later you'll get it all right! It really does happen that all the stars align and things turn out as planned, it's just a rare event!