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Friday, January 8, 2010

Shipping methods vary from site to site

In a previous post, tips to save money on shipping, we tried to give you what we hope were helpful tips on decreasing shipping costs. In this post we'll try to explain our shipping methods on the different sites that we sell and why they vary from site to site. We sell on 3 different sites and all welcome international sales. This post deals with US shipping.
  • Dishes and Doodads
  • The Collectibles Store
  • The Glass and Pottery Co-Op
Dishes and Doodads:
This is our independent site hosted by It is our most flexible site where shipping methods are concerned because the host supports many options. We use these options to keep shipping costs down for our customers. We offer USPS first class, parcel post, priority and express on items weighing less than 2lbs. Because we are on the east coast, items heavier than 2lbs are given FedEx options. In many cases, FedEx ground service can be a much less expensive option for our buyers with a shorter delivery time. We also offer flat rate shipping on select items. Shipping method for flat rate would be determined by your location.

Gail's Good Things at The Collectibles Store:
This site is a multi dealer site similar to a brick and mortar shop that stocks collectibles of all types and ages. It offers free USPS first class and parcel post shipping on all items. Customers can upgrade to USPS priority mail. These are the options that the site supports. Gail's Good Things does allow and encourage customers to email us for other options such as FedEx if USPS shipping seems high. We are happy to work with you and you can find our items by looking for sku gabj.

Gail's Good Things at The Glass and Pottery Co-Op:
This is also a multi dealer site that stock dinnerware, art pottery, art glass and all things glass and pottery. The site supports USPS shipping only but as above, Gail's Good Things does encourage customers to email for other shipping options on items marked sku gabj.

All of the dealers selling on these sites are members of the Glass and Pottery Sellers' Association and follow Glass and Pottery Sellers' guidelines.

We try to be flexible. By leaving a comment, you can share with us what is most important to you when you choose a shipping method. Is cost more important than delivery time or do you just want it on your doorstep right now?

Happy Shopping!

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