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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dishes and Doodads - The Beginning

Dishes and Doodads is an online shop and you guessed it, we sell dishes and lots of other doodads. We're a pretty small shop right now but are busy listing new arrivals on a regular basis and our inventory is building. If you browse all of our items you'll see that glass and pottery dinnerware is the main focus for now but we also have dolls and ornaments, studio pottery and will pretty much list whatever might come our way.

While this shop is new, we are not new to online sales. We've been selling on Ebay since 2001 under the id gailsgoodthings. We are not as active on Ebay as we once were but still list there occasionally to keep our account active. We are also members of The Glass and Pottery Co-Op and The Collectibles Store. These sites are multi dealer sites with combined inventories of about 3,000 items at this time. All are members of The Glass and Pottery Sellers Association (GPSA).

That's it for now, hope you'll visit again soon.

12pc Stanley Bone China Dessert Set


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  2. Great blog. Keep up the good work. :) I'm now following you.